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darnold = major bust (as of Nov 4, 2019)

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22 hours ago, kelticwizard said:

As the pic clearly illustrates, the action printed in green is not an option.  The only two options on this play are:

A.  Step backward to avoid the rush and get the ball off, albeit with reduced accuracy and velocity

B.  Step forward and walk into the arms of two separate tacklers well before you get the chance to throw the ball.


The most important question about this picture is how come when the Giants are the home team at MetLife Stadium,  the EZs are fully painted with their colors, but the Jets get HS level endzone stencils? 

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13 hours ago, bla bla bla said:

I'm not arguing that you can't step into a throw and make completion while taking a hit. I'm arguing the Darnold throw doesn't appear to have the necessary space for my mind to envision a throw actually being made.

Yhen so much for Darnolds supposed quick release and escapability, then....lol

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