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Exhibit 1: Lamar Jackson in Baltimore

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11 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

These are the current Jets positions on offense where we have players starting who would likely not start on 90% of other NFL teams...

WR1, WR2, LT, C, RG, RT, TE1 (maybe).  That's 7 players and leaves only Bell, Crowder, Darnold and maybe Alex Lewis at RG.  Robby would be a WR3 on another team.  Ryan Griffin likely doesn't start anywhere else in the AFC except maybe Cleveland (with Njoku hurt) and Jax with Seth DeValve.

Am I way off with this?

Is Darnold currently playing with any more than 3 or 4 other guys on offense who should be legit NFL starters?

Exactly! Watch a Chiefs game like I did Sunday & you see Hill diving for a ball thrown too far by Moore & it goes for 40 yards. Hill, Watkins, Kelse, it's ridiculous the difference in quality offensive players & Olines. That Ravens Oline punched the Pats right in the mouth! Must have been a shock after playing the Jets & Dolphins sh*tshows.The Browns are 2-6 which is much worse than the Jets 1-7 because Mayfield has ObJ & Landry and Chubb. Since they lost Njoku he's struggled, Darnold hasn't had his TE Herndon all year, Griffin was just allowed to WALK away from the Texans, what does that tell you about his talent? Obrien has this team pointed to the playoffs & you just let a TE walk? The Jets are a horrible mix of misfits. 

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59 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

In a way the 4-5 year window is a good thing because you can instead of having to pay him $130 million you can move on to a successor


The chiefs are gonna get killed by the Mahomes contract


Yea, they think their defense sucks now? Wait until they see it when Mahomes gets his blockbuster contract! It's gonna be mind blowing what his agent demands. 

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