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Exhibit 1: Lamar Jackson in Baltimore

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12 hours ago, JetsLife said:

The Ravens are one of the most solid outfits in the NFL the past 20+ years. Annually they've been in the playoffs or in the hunt. 

Now it could be Jackson is better than Mayfield, Darnold and Allen - the 2018 QBs drafted before him. At the moment that's case closed. But let's wait 5 years before we put him or any of the other '18 QBs in Canton or the bust scrap heap.

But I don't think I'm going out on a limb here, and this is taking nothing away from his Jackson's special, exciting skills: his success is in no small measure a result of being in a rock solid, functional NFL organization. Ya know, the antithesis of our Johnson-owned Jets. And Hess before him. 

Put Darnold in Baltimore where they'd tailor their offense around him as they have with Jackson: I'm guessing he'd be faring a bit better than he is with this currently inept outfit known as the NY Jets.

Not only that. The Ravens have added players on OL when they’ve needed to. They also added Mark Ingram via FA and Hollywood Brown via draft to bolster their offense. I’ve always liked the Ravens. They’ve always been a tough minded team. The silver lining here is that our new GM was brought up in the Ozzie Newsome school of building a team. Hopefully he can get the job done. 

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