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Exhibit 1: Lamar Jackson in Baltimore

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7 hours ago, johnnysd said:

If I was an owner of a NFL team in today's NFL, I would NEVER hire a HC, OC or DC that had a "system".  I would have a coach that builds a system around the players they have (like the CHeatriots) Just too much turnover, CAP issues and lack of NFL preparation in college to realistically build a team around a specific system like the WC offense or the bear defense. Even if you are a "Tampa 2" guy at heart you really can't play that system until you have the mike and will so you need to incorporate some of those philosophies in a system that works for the players you have,

Baltimore with Jackson is the poster child for this. Their offense is built entirely around his skill set and the backups are like mini-Jacksons. However, as impressive as it can be. it has not been shown that you can sustain success with this style as the QB eventually gets beaten down, loses a step and then they are just mediocre pocket QBs like Newton and Kapernick and RGIII became.

One of the things I hate about the NFL is that it is rife with buddy-buddy and nepotism situations.  So you virtually always get these guys who are married to their System and are part of “The Club” and there just might be and probably are some brilliant football minds who are right now on the outside looking in, and might always will be.

Gase was praised as a “genius” by Nick Saban when it’s now obvious that all he did for Saban was probably kiss his a** all day long, coupled with good back stabbing tendencies being the sc*mbag that he really seems to be is the way Gase was able to improbably climb the NFL ladder having never even personally played football at above the High School level.  Then you had another sc*mbag Peyton Manning pick up the phone and vouch for his buddy Gase to the most clueless, idiot now “Owner” in the NFL, that’s when his brother is not around, Chris Johnson...who took the bait hook line and sinker.  Why anyone in the Jet Organization would ever listen to Peyton Manning after what he did to them...I don’t know.

Another example is Todd Bowles.  I was going off on what a nightmare train wreck of a “coach” he was and that the ONLY way he could ever be hired at a level higher than a lowly assistant (which he was for OVER 20 YEARS) would be if his good friend Arlans hooked him up.  That was obvious, the guy couldn’t make 1 adjustment.  I said that the only reason his D in AZ performed well was because Bowles had about 9 All Pros on it.  I think I was actually called a “racist” by one of the posters on here for daring to say what a terrible coach Bowles is.  

I just heard a stat today...Todd Bowles D in Tampa is ranked 31st in Points Allowed.  Next to LAST in the NFL.  Exactly as I thought would happen and posted that thought long ago.  How’d he get the job?  Who is the head coach in Tampa again?

You want to know how bad I feel the Jets situation right now is? 

I’d take Todd Bowles to replace Adam Gase in the next second.




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