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Pretty incredible (terrible) stat on Gase

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1 minute ago, bcjets212 said:

Beyond the obviousness of how bad he is, I just did a little data crunching...

As a head coach, Gase is 24-33 (including the 1 playoff game). HOWEVER, in only 3 of the 24 wins did he win by 10+ (with 1 being against Bryce Petty lead Jets), with an average win margin of 6.7 pts... In 26 of his 33 losses, he's lost by 10+, with an incredible 11 of 33 being by 20+. His AVERAGE loss margin is 16.6 pts.


So yeah, when things go bad for Gase, they go REALLY bad.

Yea Manish Mehta of the Daily News wrote an article about this a couple of weeks ago.    This tells me he loses the players because he doesn't understand how to game plan to their strength and weaknesses 

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