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MRI for Bell


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Le'Veon Bell

The injury news keeps piling up as the Jets announced that Le’Veon Bell went for an MRI on Monday. During his press conference Adam Gase told the media, “Le’Veon (Bell) had to go get an MRI today on his knee, we’re still evaluating that we haven’t heard anything back from that whole process”.

We will have more information once the results are made public. Here is what Adam Gase had to say about Bell.

I’m kind of waiting on this information, it’s something I just heard about this morning because he basically had to miss everything this morning to get this MRI. I haven’t seen him yet, the trainers, when I talked to them, said they’re still going through everything and trying to figure out where he’s at, what’s going on. I can’t say exactly where it happened because he never said anything to me during the game or said anything after the game, so I’m not really sure the extent of this.

I don’t want to get too alarmed with Le’Veon without any information. It could be nothing and he just felt like something didn’t feel right.

Le’Veon Bell has MRI on his knee the day after the Jets lose to Dolphins.

Story: https://t.co/Jap1ybDN80 pic.twitter.com/HGiYUpYFqU

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) November 4, 2019

Bell, who has rushed for just 415 yards and one touchdown on a career-low 3.3 yards per carry at the midpoint of the season, appeared to be shaken up on a five-yard loss early in the fourth quarter. But he stayed in for the rest of the game.

Bell, who’s on pace for 330 touches after sitting out last season due to a contract standoff with the Steelers, has just 657 total yards through eight games. He hasn’t had more than 70 yards rushing in any game this season. He’s topped four yards per carry just once. Gase has also dialed up 20-plus carries for his best offensive player in one game.

Bell was not in the locker room after the loss to speak to reporters.

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