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The Plan/Dream 2020 2.0

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Well, looks like my post on the main forum really aged well.


The Rebuild-





As I said on the first post, Adam Gase has to go! 

Im looking at two guys right now, Lincoln Riley and Jim Harbaugh, I think that Harbaugh would be a easier guy to get, JD has connections with his brother and Jim is not doing that great in Michigan.





- Leonard Williams - 3rd Rounder - Giants

- Jamal Adams - 1st (via Bears) and 3rd Rounder - Raiders

Notable Cuts:


- Trumaine Johnson -  12M cap hit and 3M in savings - No brainer here, he will probably never play in the NFL again.

- Kelichi Osemele -  11,4M in savings - Looks like he lost a step or two, not even close to be worth this kind of money.

- Brian Winters -  7,5M in savings - This guy is awful, I get sick just thinking that him and Kalil are starting for us right now.

- Darryl Roberts - 6M in savings -  Being torched every week is not ideal for someone that don't have any guarentees on his contract.



This should get the Jets around 85M in cap space going in the 2020 free agency. 



Free Agency:


Resign - 

- Brian Poole, CB - 3 year, 5,5M yr - One of the bright spots of the team this season, should be a no brainer.

- Alex Lewis, G - 2 year, 3M yr - We'll have to see how he plays the rest of the season but I liked what he has shown.

- Robby Anderson, WR - 3 year, 8-10M yr - Robby is a though decision, but I think he can be a quality number 2 receiver, and as I said we need weapons to help Sam's development.


Sign -   

Brandon Scherff, G - 5 year, 14-15M yr - If he's available he should be the top target this off season.

Jadeveon Clowney, DE - 4 year, 18-20M yr - I don't know if Seattle is able to resign him or even want, his pass rush win % is one of the best on the league but sack numbers are down the bottom, he's a game wrecker anyway against the run or pass. There are probably going to be other guys in there like Shaq Barrett or Yannick Ngakoue.

Jimmy Smith, CB - 1 year - 6M - We need any CB help we can get

Mackensie Alexander, CB - 3 year, 5-7M year - As I said before, CB help.

Karl Joseph, S - 2 year, 3M yr - Need to replace Jamal Adams



Yes I know, its a lot of money being throw around, but at the current state of this roster if the Jets even want to be able to evaluate Sam Darnold they have to be big spenders again in FA. That will leave us with little to none cap space for the year after but the team needs to make a change. 


The Draft: 


1st Round Pick (Jets) - Chase Young, DE - Ohio State - One word to describe Chase Young is dominant, we are all seeing what Nick Bosa is doing for the 49ers. Chase Young, Jadeveon Clowney, Quinnen Williams would be a sick DL. 


1st Round Pick (Raiders via Bears) - Tristan Wirfs, T - Iowa - One of the best athletes I have ever seen, just a beast, strong, fast but can get sloopy with technique sometimes. 


2nd Round Pick - Creed Humphrey, C - Oklahoma - Very good center, would be a steal here. 


2nd Round Pick (Trade) - Brycen Hopkins, TE - Purdue - His tape is beautiful and to get him we will have to leap over teams like the Patriots and Cowboys. (Trade gave up the two third round picks acquired in the trades with the Raiders and Giants).


3rd Round Pick - Trey Smith, G - Tennessee - Durability concerns makes him fall to this spot, a steal at this point.


4th Round Pick - Justin Jefferson, WR - LSU - Jets still need help at WR, Robby Anderson is not a number 1 receiver and Enunwa can't stay on the field.


5th Round Pick - Levonta Taylor, CB - FSU - Former number one corner in the nation, if put in the right position can be a very good player.




Depth Chart:

So after all the moves the Jets are in position to really evaluate Sam Darnold and compete for wins.


Offense - 

QB - Sam Darnold                                            

RB - Leveon Bell

WR 1 - Robby Anderson

WR 2 - Quincy Enunwa

WR 3 - Jamison Crowder / Justin Jefferson

TE - Brycen Hopkins / Chris Herndon

LT - Tristan Wirfs

LG - Trey Smith / Alex Lewis

C - Creed Humphrey

RG - Brandon Scherff

RT - Chuma Edoga


Defense - 4-3

DT - Quinnen Williams / Steve Mclendon

DT - Kyle Phillips / Foley Fatukasi 

DE - Chase Young / Henry Anderson

DE - Jadevon Clowney 

ILB - CJ Mosley

OLB - Avery Williamson

OLB - Blake Cashman

CB 1 - Jimmy Smith

CB 2 - Mackensie Alexander / Nate Hairston

SLTCB - Brian Poole / Levonta Taylor

SS - Karl Joseph

FS - Marcus Maye








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The Jets might get a first,  and third from some team for Jamal Adams , but it won’t be the Raiders.
The Raiders aren’t trading for Ss Jamal Adams  as they have their Ss Jonathan Abrams ( 2019 number 1 pick - out for the season ) back next year.

The Raiders with two number 1 picks, and three third round picks in the 2020 draft .  Just keep letting Mayock do his thing in the draft. Unbelievable the haul they had from the 2019 draft.    

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Sure I’ll take it. i like the attention you’re giving our OLINE - tho I need more than an Anderson resign and Jefferson. 

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On 11/5/2019 at 10:52 AM, Guilhermezmc said:

Im looking at two guys right now, Lincoln Riley and Jim Harbaugh

shock wtf GIF by Nick Jonas

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I like all those cuts - add enunwa to it (unless he retires - he should)

wouldn't trade Jamal Adams for nothing. 

Would aggressively try to fix our OL 

throw big money at Scherff and Thuney 

would try and lock of Clowney as well (dont think he will play here tho)
throw some money at Trae Waynes (cb)


1st round - i prefer that tackle from Georgia - Andrew Thomas

2nd round - I like your center pick

3rd round (pick 4) - Trevon Diggs (CB, Alabama) - I doubt he makes it past 2nd round but if he does - have to grab him

3rd round (trade, pick 15) - Justin Jefferson (WR, LSU)

4th round (pick 4) - Brandon Jones (S, Texas) 

4th round (trade, pick 15) - Chase Claypool (WR, Notre Dame)

5th round - CJ O'Grady (TE, Arkansas) 

6th round - Chauncey Rivers (EDGE (DE), Mississippi State) 

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The draft looks good although I don't know if we are in a position to be giving up draft picks to move up for a TE. And we would def. be lucky to get Trey Smith in the 3rd.  But the draft looks solid.

The problem is the FAs. That is just complete wishful thinking. You are talking about the Jets getting the top Edge Rusher, the top O-lineman, and the top CB in FA. There is just no way that happens. They would be lucky to get just one of those guys. If I was the Jets I would go HARD and EARLY after Scherff and just make sure we get him to have a Pro Bowler to build around. But if the Jets can put together  an O-line with Wirfs, Scherff and Humphrey, with Alex Lewis, Edoga and T.Smith, boy that would be a fantastic start to a quick overhaul. And all of these guys (apart from Edoga) are powerful run blockers with some nastiness to them. I'd really love to build the line this way.

I also want to say that unless the Jets get the #1 overall pick (or the Dolphins take Tua #1 and Jets pick #2), Chase Young will be off the board. I mean, he is going top 2 guaranteed. So even if the Jets are picking as high as 3 they might not have a shot at Young. That will completely change the draft b/c the next logical selection is A.Thomas-OT, making the next first round pick, to me, a real wild card. It just depend on who is there. We can reach for Bladazs, which I would be completely happy with, we can take one of the top CBs, we can take a top pass rusher, we can take WR- Jeudy if he is on the board. What about going with Wirfs??! Is that crazy? Not to me. He can play OG, he can play RT, he is versatile and these days you need two great  OTs b/c most teams have more than one great pass rusher. Or maybe you look for a trade down b/c you don't see the value there.      

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