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Adam gase has broke all our good players

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I anticipate a 3+ score loss to the giants on Sunday.  Like it or not, fair or unfair, we will really see the call for Gase's head intensify more than it already has.  I agree with the Mac/roster/depth point of view.  However, I have not seen any adjustment from the HC to at least make the Jets somewhat competitive.  I remember the last Idzik/Rex season.  There was no NFL corner or WR on the roster.  Still, I saw even Rex make some adjustments to at least make the games closer than they should have been.  2 memories that stick out were him using Coples to jam the split end at the LOS and a Miami game where the offense didn't throw the ball at all and bled the clock the entire game.  Not saying to bring Rex in here, just saying as bad a coach as he was in the end, he still made adjustments that kept the teams in a few games.

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