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A defense of Adam Gase....

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3 hours ago, RonaldJet said:

Did I want Adam Gase as the HC? Not at all


I was willing to give him a chance, and while he’s been dealt a tough hand with injuries and Darnold mono the non-competitive performances the team is putting forth on a weekly basis are completely unacceptable in the NFL. 

With that said.....

I hate the way the media and fanbase is pinning the entirety of this organization (owners) incompetencies on this one guy. “We are going to burn you at the stake because we are pissed off”

Gase had not done a good job and knows he’s probably getting fired. It’s time to realize he’s a husband, father, and is doing the best he can at his job (just like anyone else). Gase identified 3 months on the job the incompetences of Mike McCagnans personnel dept and within 8 games of his first season  he has experienced more vitriol from the media and fanbase than McCagnan had  in five years. 

I have been surprised by this as well. I am in no way defending Gase. But people really hate him. More than anything I have seen before and that is saying something.

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3 hours ago, SAR I said:

Great post.

Preach it.  Don't let the ignorant angry mob down your spirits or drive a good head coach away.  Injuries suck, bad drafts suck, neither is Adam Gase's fault.

The 10 "fire Gase" people you read in this forum and on Twitter and hear on the radio are idiots.


Just because you want something to be true, doesn't make it true. Let's take debate of if he should or shouldn't be fired off the table for a second.

What you said is so far from the truth. This is not a small but vocal mob. People hate Gase. It is like 80% of Jets fans that want him fired now (conservatively). You are just wrong.

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10 hours ago, greenwichjetfan said:

Since Parcells, every Jets GMs and HCs not named Gase have been first timers:

HC: Herm, Mangini, Rex, Bowles
GM: Bradway, Tannenbaum, Idzik, Macc

With first timers, there is a little bit more diligence, just the slightest bit more patience. However, with Gase, some of us knew exactly what we were getting.

I have a saved text message with a friend in which I said on 12/31 that the one guy I wanted before Bowles but now want nowhere near my Jets is Gase. 9 days later, Jets announce Gase as HC.

Still, with reports from camp and what we saw in preseason games 1 & 2, I was starting to turn towards Gase and thought maybe he just needed out of Miami. Unfortunately, everything about the regular season has proven that Gase is exactly who he was in Miami, and that the only reason he was successful as OC of the Broncos is because of Peyton.

If he were a first time HC, we'd need to exercise some restraint. Given that he was already a failure in his two spots since Peyton before he even got here, there is no reason to continue this experiment. For this reason, using Macc's abject failures as a way to mitigate Gase's abject failure is either disingenuous, or straight up stupid. Sam might be a complete bust - but he might also be salvageable and be able to turn this around at the ripe old age of 22. One thing is for sure though: Gase has proven he's not the guy to get it done. If anything, he's regressed Sam and the entire offense to sub-Jeremy Bates levels.

That's why he is getting all of the deserved hate so quick into his tenure, and that's why it's more than anything we've seen before for any other HC/GM in 20 years.

I believe Al Groh was a head coach in college, Wake Forest and Bill Belichick was a head coach in the NFL before he took the Jets job.  :)

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1 hour ago, varjet said:

One issue should get more focus-the injury history of Gase coached teams. 

While listening to a Podcast yesterday, a Dolphins writer noted that Gase’ teams were always injured in Miami.  He comes to the Jets and look at the injury report.  Miami is now a very healthy team  

There is something to this-either the program or the motivation. 

Gase has got to go. 

I have been thinking about this a lot. There is something to it. I don't think you can correlate the two 100%. But there is something there, like these injuries are non stop. Non contact injuries in practice. Guys get twisted up and injuries happen. But Herndon running by himself and missing a few weeks? Mosley missing so many weeks for a groin injury? What is going on here?

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