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A defense of Adam Gase....

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20 hours ago, Maxman said:

I have been surprised by this as well. I am in no way defending Gase. But people really hate him. More than anything I have seen before and that is saying something.

Since Parcells, every Jets GMs and HCs not named Gase have been first timers:

HC: Herm, Mangini, Rex, Bowles
GM: Bradway, Tannenbaum, Idzik, Macc

With first timers, there is a little bit more diligence, just the slightest bit more patience. However, with Gase, some of us knew exactly what we were getting.

I have a saved text message with a friend in which I said on 12/31 that the one guy I wanted before Bowles but now want nowhere near my Jets is Gase. 9 days later, Jets announce Gase as HC.

Still, with reports from camp and what we saw in preseason games 1 & 2, I was starting to turn towards Gase and thought maybe he just needed out of Miami. Unfortunately, everything about the regular season has proven that Gase is exactly who he was in Miami, and that the only reason he was successful as OC of the Broncos is because of Peyton.

If he were a first time HC, we'd need to exercise some restraint. Given that he was already a failure in his two spots since Peyton before he even got here, there is no reason to continue this experiment. For this reason, using Macc's abject failures as a way to mitigate Gase's abject failure is either disingenuous, or straight up stupid. Sam might be a complete bust - but he might also be salvageable and be able to turn this around at the ripe old age of 22. One thing is for sure though: Gase has proven he's not the guy to get it done. If anything, he's regressed Sam and the entire offense to sub-Jeremy Bates levels.

That's why he is getting all of the deserved hate so quick into his tenure, and that's why it's more than anything we've seen before for any other HC/GM in 20 years.

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37 minutes ago, dbatesman said:



Gase is responsible for Peyton's success. Also, the former Jets GM who didn't oversee a single game with Gase as the coach is solely and irrefutably responsible for all of Gase's failures.



Lose by Double Digits

Total Games Coached


Lose by Double Digits%














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1 hour ago, Pac said:

You've become an Idzik and Gase apologist.  The worst GM in the history of the Jets and a guy who is on pace to out-kotite, Kotite.

Yikes. Couple that with his love affair with Parcells, and it begs the question: Has Shane ever supported anyone good?

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9 hours ago, Maxman said:

I believe Al Groh was a head coach in college, Wake Forest and Bill Belichick was a head coach in the NFL before he took the Jets job.  :)

Nope, Groh left the Jets to be HC in college, but he too was a first time HC for the Jets.

You got me on Belichick though!

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1 hour ago, nyjunc said:

Groh was a HC at Wake in the 80s

Oh whoops! Just looked it up - he was done as HC @ Wake right around the time I was born. Thanks!

Good call @Maxman

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