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CBS mock draft have the Jets taking a DE in the first LET THE JETS DRAFT CIRCUS BEGIN

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They are idiots.. They forgot Douglas and not Mac is jets gm ? Lol. Mac was the most anti-OL gm in nfl history.. Douglas May go down as most pro-OL gm in nfl history.. He is going to make up for mac’s severe neglect right away.. in his first offseason as jets gm.. I’d be shocked if we did not draft a OL in first round. And then again in either 2nd or 3rd.. Will be that way for next few years.. Sorry Defense lovers 💁‍♂️

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I would go best available DT so when we trade Quinnen we have a replacement on the roster. 

It's Chase Young he's got 13.5 sacks in 8 games and is the best edge rusher to come out since Myles Garrett. Would be a good pick especially If we can ship Adams for a 1st rounder   

Based on the little reading I’ve done thus far, Chase Young is the only defensive player I’d be okay with us taking.  You can build an offensive line without top 5 picks.

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