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A Fan Letter to Christopher Johnson and the New York Jets


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To the New York Jets, the Team, the Organization, and especially the Ownership.


  I am a 21 year old fan from New Jersey. I've been a diehard Jets fan from as early as I can remember, when I picked out a kids Jets uniform off the shelf at a store and begged my Mother to let me get it. I liked the colors. So far in my experience, that's been the best part of rooting for this team. The colors.

  Now I should clarify, I am an all around Sports fan supporting a variety of New York teams (The Mets and Rangers) and the teams I root for don't have a very good track record when it comes to winning anything significant. Or just winning at all. But you guys take the cake. I have never seen a more poorly run professional sports organization in my life. 

  Many times in my years as a fan I have given the Jets the benefit of the doubt. From the early days when I first found out our last Superbowl victory came in the SIXTIES, all the way through Eric Mangini, Rex Ryan, and Todd Bowles and all the quarterbacks that came with them. Mark Sanchez gets a lot of deserved criticism for the butt-fumble but let's not forget that your organization made even Brett Favre and Michael Vick look bad. On a side note, yeah things really went downhill fast with Sanchez, he had potential but it didn't work out. But as is so often the case with this team YOU JUST DIDN'T KNOW WHEN TO MOVE ON. Sure he was the franchise quarterback at the time (and we've had so many of those it's amazing anyone still thinks this is a franchise) but he was struggling, and you had Tim Tebow on the bench. Sure, maybe he wasn't NFL material... But did you SEE how bad Mark Sanchez was? I was 14 at the time and that decision was such a no brainer that even I could see it. And yet, it was never made. 

  So here we are again, Todd Bowles didn't work out. (Shocker.) So we need a new coach. Oh boy! The Packers were dumb enough to let Mike McCarthy go! We've got a brand new Quarterback with tons of potential, now we have access to the guy who coached Aaron Rodgers, took his team to the playoffs boatloads of times and EVEN HAD A STREET NAMED AFTER HIM BY THE TEAM. This has got to be the easiest decision in Jets history. WRONG. After carefully weighing all options the Jets, instead of taking Mike McCarthy, decided to go with Adam Gase. The reason? Honestly, who knows? Gase himself seems perpetually surprised by the fact that he's here. Perhaps it was his proven track record of mediocrity in the AFC East that gave him an edge. That really does fit the Jets MO. Perhaps it was cause the Dolphins fired him. One of the few teams that genuinely rivals the Jets penchant for underachieving saw that there was nothing in Gase worth keeping. But I digress, he's who you guys hired so I was willing to give him a shot. But here we are, 1-7, and Adam Gase has been a walking DUMPSTER FIRE! He has given no indication that he knows what he's doing, when he walked up to our prized Sam Darnold during the Patriots game he was clearly panicked, and when confronted with the question "why should Jets fans have any reason to believe in you?" he has been utterly unable to provide even an unsatisfactory answer.

  Now this may be difficult to understand from an ownership perspective. I mean hey, the organization gets paid no matter how bad the team is. But step outside the greed bubble for a second. The reason your organization exists is because you have fans. They are the reason you are in business, and they don't want to watch the team lose. It's already bad enough that the Jets continued incompetence has led to Tom Brady and the Patriots being heralded as "The GOAT". But the consistent lack of effort from the New York Jets organization to do anything to change that is what makes it so unwatchable. The New York Jets fans are loyal, die-hard. But the team has turned "die-hard" into "die-slow". Much like if one was suffering from Gangrene. 

  I won't lie, when I first heard that Jets fans as a group were called "Gang Green", I thought "that is undoubtably the worst name anyone could have come up with". But now, through the years, I can see that it is the most fitting name it could be. WebMd defines Gangrene as:  "...a condition that occurs when body tissue dies. It is caused by a loss of blood supply due to an underlying illness, injury, and/or infection. Fingers, toes, and limbs are most often affected, but gangrene can also occur inside the body, damaging organs and muscles. There are different types of gangrene and all require immediate medical attention." Wow, that just gets more accurate every time you read it.    In all seriousness it is very fitting name, because watching the Jets this year is pretty comparable to feeling all your extremities slowly die, requiring amputation to have any chance at survival. This team is a disgrace, the staff is the laughingstock of the NFL, your own fans mock you because you have given them literally NOTHING to root for. We cheer louder than anyone, when there's anything to cheer for. We also boo louder than anyone, and we are turned against you. Christopher Johnson, you are out of your element. Teams play to win. Teams don't play for new outfits next year. Try and get that through your head or else sell the team. On second thought, just sell the team. We don't want you. I don't know how you consistently put together a team that sucks this bad, but you always do. It's pretty hard to make drafting players from Alabama look like a bad decision, but you've got it down.    

  Fire Gase. 


  Sell the team. 





-Nathan Smock, 

One fan on behalf of many. 

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