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Falk files injury grievance


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1 minute ago, lounap23 said:

Welp, I wouldn't expect any free agents to be signing with the Jets this offseason.


2 injury grievances  with a a plethora of injuries is not the recipe to to attract free agents

If we offer the most money they will come.  And since we have to offer the most money just because the team is trash I don;t think it will make a lot of difference.

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22 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

This should not be a surprise to anyone who paid attention to adam gase in Miami.  The players hated the guy for the way he treated them.  

This organization is run by adam gase.  He is an absolute lunatic, controlling, manipulating SOB.  He controls everything in this organization including Joe Douglas.  For the love of all this sacred, get this man out of here ASAP.  

This is fantasy land nonsense

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45 minutes ago, drsamuel84 said:

There has to be something to this. Over the past few years the Jets have always been pretty good on the injury side of things now this season with the same training staff in place we've been killed by injuries  Not sue what Gase does differently but something isn't right.  

Gase has a clause in his contract that he gets to keep any money the Jets save on surgeries

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37 minutes ago, Samtorobby47 said:

The Kelechi story is now dead. Nobody cares what Luke Falk is doing. Won’t affect the team at all with free agents. 


Kalechi B*tchi just wanted out of here. He’s not the first player that was asked to get a surgery done AFTER the season ended. Happens all the time in the NFL. He just wanted no part in this season so he kept his vagina home. Lil sh*t. 

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1 hour ago, prime21 said:


The season gets more and more bizarre.


Is it just me or can you hear the Glee in Mehta's tweets or articles when it comes to something negative about the Jets? I know they're a horror show but really? Or is it that I just dislike Mehta so much? I can't decide.

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