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The Jets Hopefully Winning Blueprint.

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                I have been watching football for many years. Joe Willy was my idol when I was young and still remember them winning the Super Bowl. I also watched how Bill Parcells and George Young built the New York Giants into a Super Bowl winning team.  And this is the problem of the New York Jets.  First you need a GM  to understand what positions are the most important and to get those type of players either through the draft or free agency.  Not only the positions but who they are physically and mentally. Can they play here in New York? 

        What we seen from great teams is the offensive line. You have to have this to go all the way.  It needs to be a top 5 line.  The Jets have only accomplished this a few years in the last three decades.  Parcells and Young did this with the Giants. Get me those tough players and lunch pale grinders to bleed and fight.

        Next you have to have a great defense in the front. Parcells also showed that the pass rush could help the safety's and cornerbacks.  We did not draft that pass rusher like I wanted this year.  The LBS need to be athletic and the MLB needs to be that tackling machine.   Give me a good OT and some nice running backs and you could win with a decent QB. We seen that in the past.  We also watched Parcells win without and all star wide receiver. Yes today's game is different and I can't stand it. The League doesn't care about defense.  And because of it I do not watch as many Pro games like I did, when I had the Football Package and Direct TV had the rights.  So yes the wide receivers has become way more important.  But I believe you can still win with good receivers and TE like the Giants did with Parcells and Coughlin.   Hey guys what I can't stand the most is a passing play on 3rd down and less than three and you passing it on every down.  You should be able to run it down their throat.   

  So hopefully Douglass or whoever takes this blueprint. Sure you went out and tried to improve the offensive line. But with who?  One player who had injury problems and the other who was out of football. You need to do what the Cowboys did and draft stud offense lineman.  Because of it you watching a mediocre Cowboy QB look real good at times.  And please tell Douglass to put fear into these opposing QBS and draft athletes that rush the passer.  Players like  Chase Young this year with Ohio St. or players like J.J. Watt , Joey Bossa and Myles Garrett at DE from the past.  We seen what the Giants did in the past with LT in the 80's and the Giant DE under Coughlin.   

   So please Jet Brass lets improve both lines in this upcoming draft and Free Agency.      



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