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Late Sunday games

The Crusher

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1 minute ago, The Crusher said:

Green Bay in itself is a home field advantage. Those fans sitting in those high bleachers deserve every win they get.,

I love watching the game with snow.  So many places crying "we need a dome" 

Green bay like, "give us a blizzard!"

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51 minutes ago, chirorob said:

Jared Goff.

Worst contract in the NFL?

The Rams are completely screwed. They're paying him like he's a great QB and he's just not. With the threat of the playaction muted due to Gurley's ineffectiveness, he's been horrible(granted, they've had a bad time with their OL and blocking)

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This league is becoming absurd letting these obvious pass incompletions being treated as fumble all the time.

There is going to be a star Qb injured on one of these.

And to think the stuff they are calling fumbles these days and then we have the tuck rule which gave the pats their 1st superbowl

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