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NYJ pass defense the last three games

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This the issue, not just now but long term.

Adams had a great game yesterday but in my mind you are sacrificing too much by having to or choosing to use players in this way.

We have no CBs and no pass rushers.  We can;t be using a safety as a pass rusher or run stopper all the time because it leaves you exposed in other areas.  You can't give safety help to CBs when you need to.

I am still on the trade Adams band wagon as much as ever even after a great game last night because we need CBs, pass rushers oline and wrs far more than a pass rushing run stopping safety that leaves other areas of your defense exposed.

Hey adams looks great making these plays as we watch our bad corners get eviscerated and watch other teams kill us with under neath routes.

I also think he is going to be an issue when it comes closer to contract time.

His value is at an all time high.  Trade him now and address two other positions in the draft.

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24 minutes ago, nycdan said:

You are assuming that the only way to get a quality CB in here is to trade Adams.  I don't buy that.  I think between the draft and FA, if we can add one above-average CB and get some improvement on the pass rush at one position, the whole defense becomes materially better.  We have a lot of young players who show some potential.  What we need are 2-3 stars.  So I don't think trading the only star we do have is a step in the right direction.  Jamal on a team with a little more talent around him would be even more of a game changer.  So let's get that talent the old fashioned way.

Just my opinion.  YMMV.

The needs:  2 cbs, 3 olineman, a wr and a pass rusher.  If trading him can fill two holes for positions that are tougher to get then I say do it.

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