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2020 Free Agent Olineman

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On 11/12/2019 at 3:08 PM, Raideraholic said:

Trent Brown has battle numerous injuries this year, but when he’s in there he one of the best Rt’s in the game.  ( thanks to trade of Osemele - they were able to target him day one in Fa .The Raiders need a healthy Trent Brown down the stretch .   They were beating the chiefs 10-0 when he went out with an injury .    Richie Incognito - another Fa o lineman been a big addition to their offense line.   C Rodney Hudson was also a Fa addition a couple years earlier .

You have to do both build through the draft Lt K Miller( 1st round pick)  , Rg Gabe Jackson ( third) , Swing Tackle D Sharpe ( 4th) Brandon Parker ( Third round- eventually will be guard).    Center Andre James - undrafted Fa who was a Lt, and Rt in college.  Will be Hudson eventually replacement at center), and in Fa ( Rt Trent Brown, C R Hudson,  and Richie Incognito.     G Denzel Good they picked up on waivers - been a God send coming from the Colts who offense line coach  cut him last year because he went to a funeral.

No matter what position is discussed, this guy breaks out some no name Raider anyone else has never heard of, but they are the absolute best. 

When is the last time anyone mentioned the Raiders oline as a stand out unit? 🤔 

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