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How the Jets beat the Giants - Brian Baldinger

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20 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

You're talking about all the passing yards & TD's against our secondary as if Adams is being targeted and is part of the problem with the secondary. I don't believe that to be the case. I've been digging a little and haven't found anything yet. My mind can be changed with evidence, but I don't see any being presented. Just - blame Jamal because he's the leader of the secondary or something.

Outside of the Miami game the guy has been playing great. It's not his fault he's surrounded by trash.

I hate to jump in here and I'm not piling on but I feel this is Jamal Adams thoughts to a T.

Yes he played great against the Giants but he has not played great in every game outside of the Miami Game. Against Dallas he was good but lets call it what it is......an Audition. IMO Adams is auditioning for the rest of the League against big name Teams to drive up his trade value because he wants out. 

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