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How the Jets beat the Giants - Brian Baldinger

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13 hours ago, T0mShane said:

I'd imagine this is why it's been rumored that Jamal isn't beloved in the locker room. The team has been struggling all year, he spent the week before the crushing Miami loss crying into every microphone he could find about a grievance that he entirely made up, then took ZERO responsibility for that loss, and a week later the team rallies to put together a good, old-fashioned team win where the coaching staff held the team together, the offense finally looked like it had a pulse, and a bunch of DL had good games, and yet all of the post-game coverage focused on Jamal Adams making that one play 47 seconds into the second half (after which the Giants scored two more easy passing TDs to re-take the lead), and they covered it as though it was the game-winning play, which it wasn't--not even close. But because he's such an obnoxious, me-first self-promoter, he gets all the attention and shapes the narrative. Reading the stories and watching the recaps, you'd have thought Adams stripped Daniel Jones at the end of the fourth with 10 seconds left on the clock with the Jets down by six. But, no, 47 seconds after halftime, and two minutes before Golden Tate walks down the middle of the field for a 61 yard TD, 

Points are points. Something we aren't scoring much of on offense. 

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