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How the Jets beat the Giants - Brian Baldinger

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3 hours ago, jetstream23 said:


If somebody covered up the name/position and told us this was an Edge Linebacker's stats below how much do you think Jets fans would want to pay this guy?




My guess is $426,824,578,208. lol



Excellent way to look at him.

When I was watching the breakdown, all I was thinking was why we dont move him to a hybrid LB/SS position.  Running a 3-3-5 (which coincidentally is what Matt Rhule does at Baylor) would allow us to have 3 strong interior DL, Jenkins and hopefully a FA OLB and then Mosley and Adams on the interior.  Let Adams cover the slot, blitz, crowd the line, drop in zone coverage, basically just move him all over the field as much as possible without losing run support.  You can then play Maye and 3 additional DBs that are a combo of either safeties or CBs depending on your personnel.

Seems like that would be the way to maximize his talents and really create some confusion on defense.

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2 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

It is surprising no one was excited about his worst performance maybe ever.

So when Kahil Mack doesnt get a sack, that means he sucks?

Adams had 2 bad games in a row and handled an off the field thing poorly - then he had an absolutely ridiculous game.  Dont really see anything to debate about that

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