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How the Jets beat the Giants - Brian Baldinger

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47 minutes ago, GREENBEAN said:

Right. I want to love Adams. I like him and am not quite as butt hurt as a lot of guys get when he does gen Z stuff on the internet, but I can get it I suppose.  it's his inconsistency that bothers me though.  It's the schemes and where the coaches have him lined up and all that, but he disappears in some games. The guy is clearly extremely talented and also has the drive. That's great. But a guy like Palomalu literally changed games. Sorta like Jamal did against the Giants, but it would be every week for years.  If Jamal could just be more consistent It would be a short leap for me to join the club. 

That said, I would take a 1st and 3rd for him at min with my mindset that everything will suck until Sam gets a stud OL and some legit WR's around him. All resources need to go that way with CB closely behind. If we can get more quality assets to make that more possible, then I'm in. 

If he was a beast in coverage and a magnet to the ball, I’d keep him. But he’s just a luxury blitzing linebacker with some attitude. 

Gimme the high draft picks to surround our QB for now. 

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