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Christopher Johnson says Gase will return in 2020

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4-12 this year, 9-7 missing the playoffs next year, 6-10 and fired in 2021.


So it shall be written, so it shall be done.


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40 minutes ago, SAR I said:

Was Gase the GM in Miami?  Did he pick the players?  Or was he the hero who turned a dismal 1-4 disaster into an amazing 10-6 playoff team?

Gase didn't like his owner and he didn't want to be a part of a team in a full-on rebuild without a franchise quarterback.  So he got out.  When the Jets called, with an owner that isn't an ego maniac, further along on its rebuild and with a franchise quarterback, he climbed aboard.

I'm quite pleased he chose the Jets.  He could have sat out the year and picked from any number of jobs.  Same for Joe Douglas, he didn't need to leave Philly when he did. 

How about we as fans repay those two guys the way that they have shown faith in us?  How about we don't poison the new culture before it even gets a chance to get off the ground?  How about we show the 'patience' that our best player requested of us?


Gase did have control over the 53 man roster and called plays simultaneously for Miami. No wonder they're a tire fire now. I'd expect the same results 3 years from now with the Jets.



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