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Christopher Johnson says Gase will return in 2020

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11 hours ago, Guilhermezmc said:




The Jets, a perennial loser franchise for a reason and people do not need to look nothing else than Chris the bozo.  

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5 hours ago, BurnleyJet said:

This is one of the dumbest things I’ve read in some time. The fans determine nothing. They turn up and get the product their given. Since the product has been bottom 3-5 NFL, for around a decade. I think they have every right to express their dislike for what’s going on.

The lack of any real success for 50 years, leads to the sound logic to expect sh*t play, and lack of any real planning and execution off it.

Perhaps you like to argue for the sake of it? - It’s either blind Homerism (or your afraid you will lose your spot on the fans input board or whatever you call it.)

At this point your just a parody account.

Give him a pass.  He is only 18 and remember the great Winston Churchill put it best in describing the young as naive, free stuff, faithless, conformist, socialists.  He will come around by 35 when he figure out how the world function.  If he doesn’t figure out, then he will become a hippie.  

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6 hours ago, SAR I said:

This move is actually exactly what you asked for.

1. Experienced head coach, not a rookie making rookie mistakes.  Check.

2. Offensive side of the ball, not the 10th defensive Jets coach since 1980.  Check.

3. Hired at the same time as the GM so they are both in sync with the same agenda.  Check.

4. Left in place for several years so as to build the team from the core-up, keeping the playbook consistent.  Check.

5. Someone who is young and can relate to the players, especially the franchise quarterback.  Check.


At least you are not predicting playoff anymore and took it off from the Check list.

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