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Christopher Johnson says Gase will return in 2020

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9 minutes ago, SR24 said:

While I agree with the decision to bring him back for a year, I also agree that CJ shouldn't be making these decisions. Idk if I'd even let CJ stock the vending machines let alone team decisions lol

Kraft/Jones/Mara family/Rooney family all have shown in the past that they clearly have a significant roll in their coaches hiring/firing. 

So yeah, this is just typical Jet's inferiority complex syndrome where whatever they do the beat writers will spin into a negative and find sensitive Jets fans to buy into it. 


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5 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

Yeah just like his stellar plan with mac and bowles who he gave 5 years to.

Douglas?  Well a gm is defined by his drafting so he gets time.  Gase?  Simply a waste of years and really jeopardizing the young QB.

Adam Gase has shown nothing to suggest he can even be reasonable let alone good.  His resume had nothing in it to suggest he was any good.

I have NOT been a fan of Gase's decision-making this year. I don't LOVE him, but it's just really dumb to fire a coach after a year when a TON of the problems injuries/mono/bad roster thanks to Macc were not within his control. 

Again, if I am ranking HCs he is probably bottom 1/3 but heading into this year NFL.com ranked all NFL coaches and had Anthony Lynn at 8, Dan Quinn at 11 and then had Kyle Shanahan at 23. 

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