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Christopher Johnson says Gase will return in 2020

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1 hour ago, Aussie Jet said:

I wish I worked in a job that had zero pressure and zero accountability.

I wish I could fail upwards like Adam Gase.

I wish I worked for an ownership group as clueless, bumbling and incompetent as the Johnsons.

How could they watch the embarrassing performance on Monday night football, followed up by the inept failure against the Dolphins and think this is our guy?

The real reason Gase is being kept is that the Johnsons are too cheap to pay off another head coach.

The Jets are wasting the cost controlled years of Darnold on this boob.

Guess it also means that the Jets will be looking for a new defensive coordinator in the off season, as I am convinced Williams took the job only because he thought there was a good chance gase would be gone and he would be first in line to be interviewed for the role.

Is there a go fund me to fly a fire Aussie jet banner by your job?

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