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Christopher Johnson says Gase will return in 2020

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28 minutes ago, SAR I said:

The Johnson's really care about the fans.  They really do.  And in the past, they valued the opinions of the masses and their media mouthpieces.

No more.  Today is a turning point.

Now the football men make the football decisions.  Gase is one of those football men.  F the fans and their pathetic SOJ narratives.  Go to the games or don't.  Whine or don't.  The Jets are worth $3B with or without you.


Technically they arent worth $3B without any fans buying in. Just sayin. 

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3 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

How is Baker Mayfield's handpicked choice for HC (Freddie Kitchens) working out so far?

Comparing Mayfield to Darnold in the "behind the scenes" decision making department is not a good way to prove a point. 

While Sam says and does all the right things, Mayfield is busy filming 47 commercials. 

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