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Christopher Johnson says Gase will return in 2020

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2 hours ago, kmnj said:

only in jetland are you supposed to be okay with miserable performance and continue to pay for it-imagine going to a restaurant spending lots of money and it is terrible and they tell you hey sorry it is going to suck each time you come for the foreseeable future but we expect you to keep coming and keep spending that money-oh and by the way the chef we brought in this year made everybody sick at his last job to the point he was fired but dont worry we think he is the guy to run the show here




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8 minutes ago, RonaldJet said:

Mike Westhoff went on the record and said coaches told Tannenbaum he was nuts to give Sanchez the contract he received in 2012.

Sanchez couldn’t read a defense at high enough level. It’s why he couldn’t stay in the league once his skills diminished. 

Sanchez sucked, and even I still would have brought him in - even out of shape - once the team realized Darnold was going to be out for 2-4 weeks.

He is and always was an idiot, whose physical skills have since diminished, but holy hell I'm sure he can still throw a football. Plus if we're going put a sideshow out there it may as well be entertaining with some nostalgia. Maybe he could give the crowd a penisfumble. 

2015 (the last time Sanchez threw a touchdown) wasn't so long ago, was it? 

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5 minutes ago, whodeawhodat said:

No.... I don't need a list.  I am aware of all the reasons why gase will be here next year.  those are legitimate reasons. 


you called it a legitimate reason of how gase could possibly be fired before next season.  Reason I was surprised hearing that coming from you. now you are throwing he has to be found, one of the following; be bigot, molested children, or caught doing blow off a stippers azz in addition to CJ and JD having a legitimate replacement for gase not being here next season.

So, you can try reading(me being snarky again) and know that I never thought they would fire gase with the roster he inherited after one season.  When Mac didn't improve it to his liking, he got with CJ and had JD lined up.  this is what you originally proposed happening to gase minus all the self destructive ways gase could get himself fired without even having a legitimate HC lined up before hand.

I said outside of something outlandish (i.e. something that would get any HC fired on the spot), it is a reason he could. However it would not happen for obvious reasons. CJ is incompetent and doesn't know anybody, and beyond that JD - who has another half-decade plus of job security - isn't going to backstab the guy who got him hired. That's on top of the other reasons I listed.

That would be the only reason: if they had another plan in place, which they clearly do not and will not. The alternative (firing him in the absence of that) would mean to they have to begin arranging interviews after Gase gets the sympathy treatment from every sports media outlet in the country. 

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