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Christopher Johnson says Gase will return in 2020

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7 hours ago, Lith said:

Don't get the need to come out and say this now.  You want to say the you will evaluate coacj, coaching staff, players at end of the season, fine.  But what is the point of saying his job is safe now.  At the end of the season, if Darnold and the rest of the team look better than they have over the first half, you make any announcements then.  I don't understand the timing.

There's a few reasons for CJ to confirm his commitment to Gase.

- firing Gase is admiting he made a mistake hiring him

- send a message to the players that Gase is not a lame duck and will help decide their fate after the season

- CJ actually understands just how bad this crapshow of a roster was handed to Gase

- CJ understands that it'll take two or three years to build a competitive team

- CJ understands the illness (Sam's mono) and the other multitude of injuries we've suffered

- and just maybe CJ undeerstands the right way to build a team and that it takes time and he won't fold to the instant gratification crowd

- CJ understands that if he fired Gase they would only be able to attract a rookie HC

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6 hours ago, DMan77 said:

All that said... If some super high profile, highly regarded, super-duper great coach somehow finds his way onto the open market... Don't be surprised if Johnson goes back on this...

And that "super high profile, highly regarded, super-duper great coach" wouldn't take the Jets HC job no matter what!

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6 hours ago, Warfish said:

It is what it is.

But know this, there will be no excuses and no mulligans for Gase or Douglas next year.


A winning record competitive team next year, or Gase, and every bootlicker here whose defended him, can go stfu.

This team needs a complete rebuild. Do you expect them to do that in one year? Replace four OL, two CB's, edge rusher and WR's with one draft and FA.

What's more realistic is to see improvement in both the record (7-9/8-8) and Sam's development.

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