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Christopher Johnson says Gase will return in 2020

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It’s to be expected

Ultimately the Jets will end up finishing 5-11 after the starting QB had mono, key pieces like Mosley and Williamson missed essentially the entire season, the OL was a mess, they were starting practice squad guys at CB, etc.

I’m not too hot on Gase anymore but the guy was clearly dealt a pretty sh*t hand this year.

He was never getting fired barring a completely disastrous 1-15 type of season.

If the Jets upgrade the OL and get everyone back healthy next year and he’s still not producing results, then his ass will be blistering in no time.

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1 minute ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

Fair enough but why say this with 7 games left?!?!

I agree that the timing is a bit odd.

My only guess is that he doesn’t want Gase floundering in the wind the rest of the season. This way he can set his mind to coaching and not have to worry about being out of a job in the next 7 weeks.

That’s all I got 

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