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Rex Ryan: The Jets are still my team, and they will always be my team.

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13 minutes ago, Ohhthepain said:

Rex Ryan on Costellos podcast.

https://nypost.com/2019/11/14/listen-to-episode-8-of-gangs-all-here-gase-gets-vote-of-confidence-feat-rex-ryan/amp/?utm_source=twitter_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons&__twitter_impression=true

So much passion, and love for this city and fanbase. Bring this man back already...you know for the rebuild in 2021.


Holy sh*t. All you have to do is say you love the Jets and that makes you a favorable and ideal choice for another chance at being a HC. 

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5 hours ago, THE BARON said:

Rex ran the Mangini/Tanny team better than Mangini could have.  Problem was, as Rex generated excitement with his championship game appearance, Johnson and Tanny gave Rex more and more control over the roster.  I call Rex an "emotional reactionary" when it comes to players.  Letting Rex have some input on players is a good thing, but giving him total control of the roster guarantees disaster.  

Mangini as GM and director of player personnel with a lawyer behind him for contact language

Rex as HC

Pick an OC who can get you a quick, explosive lead so the defense can pin their ears back. 


This is completely insane and manufactured from pure fandom.

Mangini was 8-3 until Favre’s arm gave out. Rex did well the first two years but that didn’t give him roster control. Tanny was known for being a push over. It’s really that simple. 

Getting Mangini as a personnel man is fantasy as well as Rex as HC or DC or anything affiliated with NYJ. 

Not to shoot down your hopes and prayers but it’s just not ideal nor’ realistic.



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1 minute ago, THE BARON said:

Tanny was a pushover for who/what ??? Players demands ??? Wooody's orders ??? The way I saw it, Tanny was taking his orders from Rex.  The end result was a roster without enough good football players.  Who other than Rex would you say caused the talent level to go from the excellent 2009 roster to the disaster we saw after Idzik's first and last year ??? 

I agree that having Rex back working under a strong GM is not realistic, but it is *absolutely* ideal 

He often gave into coaches preference rather than his draft philosophy. His draft philosophy was also not very good and his decision making was very suspect but I don’t think we take Quinton Coples in 2012 if not for Rex. 

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