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Rex Ryan: The Jets are still my team, and they will always be my team.

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 I'll take Rex back anytime but not as a head coach. If Williams leaves, he can be the DC or a position coach anytime.

 My reasoning for this goes back to an interview I believe it was the year before he got fired he was on the radio. He was sitting next to Woody Johnson and blatantly stated that he has failed as a head coach because he's not paying enough attention to the offense as well as the defensive side and everything was going to change the following year.

The following year at the start of the Season he declared he was solely going to worry about the defensive side of the ball and as usual we completely sucked on offense under his watch. I really liked the guy in the beginning but he didn't follow through. He's a great positional coach or a defensive coordinator and that is all.

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 Intrigued by this thread I decided to take a refresher course and looked up Rex Ryan on Wikipedia. At the time of his tenure as our head coach, I had three kids and moved twice.

    Admittedly those first two seasons were absolute Magic and memories. However there is no way to overstate how unbelievably bad everything got and how quickly it plummeted! I mean absolutely ******* horrendous bad!!! Oh the humanity!!

It seems that after the first two seasons Rex was here almost every good coach or player we had was replaced with a downgrade. The offense was a ghost town and a who's who of no names or hasbeens constantly changing direction and never working. I remember now how bad it actually was.

We all absolutely loved Rex when he first got here. By 2011 we were starting Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes ...Mark Sanchez was throwing interceptions and we were losing game after game.. we switched all the coordinators and position coaches the drafting was horrible and all the star players that were on the team either retired or were injured , traded or moved on.

Christ there was the Tim Tebow debacle, The butt fumble, Sanchez getting hurt in the preseason, players going AWOL during training camp, guys quitting on the team in the huddle, and Mike Vick who never even opened the Playbook? Guys eating McDonald's cheeseburgers at practice , John idzik looking like Tom Petty on crack and the infamous idzik 12!! Puke!

Sadly we all wanted that magic back and Rex had absolutely no answers. Woody absolutely loved him and gave him so many chances he was in turn hung out to dry. Rex really became sad to watch at the postgame pressers and was exposed as a buffoon whose team under his watch as head coach steadily declined in every area and aspect. God-awful!!! Lol.

 Yes those first two years were amazing and we would all love that magic back especially Woody who comes back next year! The last four years Rex was here we're a miserable downward tailspin. I actually remember feeling bad for this guy wishing we could just put him out of his misery.. and things. And stuff. And that sort of thing. Careful what you wish for..

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