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Rex Ryan: The Jets are still my team, and they will always be my team.

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7 minutes ago, Sonny Werblin said:

Reality check. Rex is a great guy but not HC material. He can be my DC and give the pre-game speeches, but I do NOT want him running my team. He was the absolute worst at hiring assistant coaches loading up the staff with friends. He only coached half the team. His input on draft day was reliably disastrous. I could go on, but you get the point.

Some of this is true, some of it?  Eh. 

Absolute worst at hiring assistants?  Are you talking about guys like Bill Callahan, Tom Moore, Mike Pettine, John DeFillipo, and Anthony Lynn?  I get the whole Jeff Weeks thing, but c'mon.

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35 minutes ago, THE BARON said:

All good guys.  I especially liked Callahan's blocking schemes.  A combo of zone and man. Very well suited for who they had on the line.  And dont forget that Rex was smart enough not to replace Mike Westhoff. 

The interesting one to me was Sutton.  He was coaching since before some of these guys were alive, and with the Jets for about a decade under Groh, Herm and Mangini.  When Rex came along he was demoted from DC for Pettine and everyone knew it was a Rex D which put him at best 3rd in the pecking order.  They kept him with the "Senior Defensive Assistant" title as LB coach.  He left in 2013 to join Andy Reid as DC in KC.  People referred to what he did as bringing the Rex Ryan D to KC.  It sure wasn't what he was running under Mangini.

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