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Browns cut WR Antonio Callaway

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Glass houses and shit

And this is why taxes are so damn high. 

The only characteristic that Callaway has to succeed in the NFL is athletic ability.

He lacks everything else.  EVERYTHING.  That was his story at the University of Florida.  Clearly nothing changed in Cleveland.   It will be the same for whatever team decides to give him one final chance.

The Browns like giving second chances and they still dumped this guy.  OBJ.  Kareem Hunt.  How many did Josh Gordon get?  And he just failed in New England too.

Callaway just burned his bridge in the mistake by the lake. 

Isn't it obvious?  This should not even be a topic...

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3 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

Cleveland is a circus how can you use that franchise to judge any player. 

I just used Josh Gordon too who bombed in New England after Cleveland.   And the University of Florida.

And what the hell do you think the Jets are?   A well-oiled machine?  They are Barnum and Bailey to Cleveland's Ringling Bros.

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3 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

Just checked the website. I don't see "Soup-making Computer Illiterate Retiree" on the roster.

Personal attack duly noted, retired at 56 from a Government job decent pension free healthcare, hope you can say the same thing if you reach my age. 

Rutgers grad lol. 

Do me a favor GFY 

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