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What Should Happen To Garrett?

What should happen to Garrett?  

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  1. 1. What Should Happen To Garrett?

    • Let the players police themselves like they use to.
    • Suspend him 4 games plus a fine
    • Suspend him 8 games plus a fine
    • Suspend him 16 games plus the biggest fine ever given
    • Life ban from the NFL
    • Suspension plus fine and legal action
    • Ban plus legal action
    • Nothing, he was standing up for himself because Rudolph tried him and that’s fighting words anything goes

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2 hours ago, extmenace said:



This presumes he was carefully aiming where his foot was going, against a moving target, in the heat of battle, from the ground. 

Also it's hard to tell definitively if that's a heel with the toes up, or if his foot's on an angle with his toes on the top of Garrett's thigh, or otherwise.

Also regardless, Garrett's far too young to claim his balls are actually hanging that low. 

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56 minutes ago, isired said:

From just after midnight the night of the game



but she doesnt say she heard it or had evidence of it.

This is arguably her advice more than her relaying evidence. Isn't she also the one who suggested - before the game was over - Rudolph grabbed Garrett's nuts, and that's what set him off?

This looks at least as much like evidence that Garrett might be tapping that. 

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