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Jets will dominate Redskins on Sunday-win by 20 points

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I thank all my fellow Jets fans for the congrats!!  By the way, although I did not pick it in writing, I was at the Jets Giants game and told my Giant fan friends that the Jets would win 33-30 before the game; they won 34-27.  I also predicted in text to a guy I work with that the Cowboys would beat the Giants 37-17 before the Monday night game a few weeks ago, and Dallas won 37-18.

I have been crazy accurate all year, and I don't understand why, because in prior years I'm nowhere near this good.

Anyway, many of you might be asking me why I don't make predictions every week.  

The answer is that I love my Jets, and this is a Jets fan site, and I will not make predictions week to week predicting a Jets loss.  I would prefer to stay quiet, and hope that I am proved wrong.  I never bet against the Jets, and I don't want to predict a loss, then hope I was right.  So, unless I truly believe we will win, I prefer not to start a thread predicting Jets losses.  I did start a thread predicting a tough, close game against the Patriots in our second meeting, but I felt we would lose in a tight match.  Unfortunately, we got clobbered that game, so I will not comment on the future of a game I think we will lose.

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So far, I've started a thread with my prediction of the Jets beating the Cowboys, and last weekend with the Jets beating the Giants. I realize that predicting another win agains the Redskins is n

The jets are not beating any team by 20 points.

Thats what makes my 3rd prediction on the year so good.  When I'm proven right, again, you can come back and congratulate me.

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22 hours ago, Alka said:

Damn, I was just going to say pretty much what you said in your reply.  The Jets are a different team right now, and not the team which lost to the Dolphins or the Patriots.  The Dolphins are not the same team that lost to Washington for the Redskins first and probably only win of the year. 

The Jets offensive line is coming together right now, and the D line is coming together.  Offensive line is bad, but I believe is better than what we have seen so far this year.  The D line, now that we have established our players (minus Leonard Williams) has a chance to show what they will be going forward the rest of this year and next year.   Darnold will now be the quarterback that ended the season last year.

Jets by 20 points today.  The Jets players said they will be going on a run right now, and they ain't lying!! 

Before the season, I started a thread predicting the Jets will win 7 games this season, 8 if everything went perfectly with no major injuries.  Look it up if you like.

Well, there have been major injuries.  Can the Jets go 5-2 to end up with 7 wins this year?

I believe that they can, and I believe that they will.  Washington, Bengals, Dolphins, Steelers and would you believe it, Buffalo.  7 wins.

I agree that they CAN...but next week is huge for that to happen.  Let's hope that whole "west coast team coming est for a 1 PM game" thing is legit - we need all the help we can get!

If Jets win next week, they have a legit shot of being 6-7 before the Ravens game.  then just don't get embarrassed on a Thursday night game, end end with a couple of tough, but winnable games.  But yeah, key is next week.  all goes to crap if they lose to the Raiders.

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