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Gase Debate: Hard Knowing For Sure Either Way


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Looking at things objectively, I think it's unfair to definitively judge Gase:

I've mostly been down on him, without calling for his firing. Too premature for that, too premature for any final judgment. I still sense he's bit of a con man. In that he seems to possess impressive football IQ - yet too often it hasn't translated on game day. Be it here or his time in Miami. Seems he becomes needlessly conservative and predictable. Too many wasted run plays and dump offs gaining 1-2 yards. Constantly putting offense in 2nd and 3rd longs - the opposite of what good offenses do. Jets are currently NFL's dead last in offensive yards per play.

Also I don't get the feeling he's a galvanizing leader of men. One troubling anecdote: Darnold said before games Gase dispassionately lays things out to the team; and then steps aside allowing Joe Vitt to conduct the fiery pregame talk geeking up the charges. Darnold said he found the dynamic funny; I do too but I also find it troubling. Gase just doesn't come off as that inspiring leader of men type general.

But again, too early for any final negative or positive judgment. As it must be pointed out: if the Jets had a kicker week 1, they'd almost certainly be 3-3 with Darnold at the helm. And for most of that run with a sieve o-line. If the line was just somewhat more serviceable, perhaps the Jets knock off Miami & Jacksonville. I know that's not saying much, but that'd put the Jets at 4-2 or 5-1 with Darnold starting.

I know if, if, if. But when an o-line is as porous, decimated and unsettled as the Jets line has been basically all of Darnold's starts except Buffalo - it's almost impossible to function (all the moreso with a 3rd-string QB running the show). And that's certainly not Gase, Douglas nor Darnold's fault. That's all Maccagnan and Idzik's fault. Perhaps not adequately addressing the o-line was a major conflict Gase had with Maccagnan?

Also: Kyle Shanahan is in his third year helming the 49ers. He's compiled an 18-23 record. With Garropolo starting Shanahan is something like 16-4. Without him, well, you can do the math. Let's see what Gase's final 2019 record is when Darnold started.

But ... if it's too soon for a negative final assessment of Gase, it's certainly too early for any comprehensive positive appraisal. And anyone in here or anywhere saying folks have overreacted to numerous alarming Jets moments this season - that's just not being truthful. Regardless of the QB and o-line situations, there have been a slew of shocking occurrences this season. 8 points at home week 1 even with four first half defensive turnovers to work with (yes should've been 10 points, then again a 45-yard FG is no gimme; and again 10 points with 4 first half turnovers?!), 33-0 MNF Pats massacre, losing to Miami, lots of penalties including untimely killer penalties, and more.

One thing that is certain: he's been a polarizing figure since basically Day 1.

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I'd never heard the Joe Vitt thing but if true then that's horrendous, and a damning indictment on Gase as HC. He shouldn't be near it. 

And if we had a kicker, then yeah we'd be 3-3 under Darnold (it ignores that if Cowboys kicker hadn't missed a gimme we would have lost). But it's not just the results - we've eeked out a win against a dreadful Giants team, and in your above scenario would have eeked out a win against an average Bills teams mainly due to Josh Allen being poor. 

We aren't good - we don't look coherent, the oline has poor talent but the coaching is clearly dreadful, and we're dull to watch. He's got no innovation, nowhere near the ingenuity or originality of a Shanahan. It's a slow, placcid dull offense. 

That's outside of the clear personal problems, in that players just don't like him. 

It is early, and maybes/hopefully he will prove me completely wrong. But so far, aside from 30 minutes against the Cowboys we look a very bad football team, with mounting problems and a HC who is killing our franchise QB. I'd get rid of Gase tomorrow to be honest, and take the risk he isn't going to turn into the league's next offensive genius. 

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jets were in a tough spot firing him with a roster full of back ups and street free agents but he’s not a good coach. He’s holding the fort for the next victim lol

he’s calling his offense like he has the 90s cowboys. Completely stubborn to the fact that he can’t just lean on people and get a run game going. When you are overwhelmed upfront you call screens, draws, sweeps, 

how many rollouts for Sam with Robbie on a double move?

hes trash 

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lol...Jets Fans...He's never had a good offense without Peyton Manning...he has a losing record and a long list of players who'd happily push him in front of a bus...Tannehill can apparently play when he doesn't have Gase as his offensive coordinator...but it's hard to know  either way..

Same Jets fans: We still don't know about Geno because he didn't have weapons

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