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### Jets \ Redskins -- The Official Game Thread ###

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1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

Darnold is very good when he has even marginal protection. @RutgersJetFan and @Miss Lonelyhearts should be ashamed 

Darnold got mono. Darnold saw ghosts. Darnold is dead last in DVOA.

Darnold threw for almost 300 yards. Darnold won consecutive games for the second time in his career. Miss Lonelyhearts is ashamed.

This is how it happens. Every ******* time this is how it happens.

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3 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

I just want you to know that I’m hearing Zack de la Rocha singing these words like they’re the bonus fifth verse of Killing In The Name

That's weird. I wrote it for more of a James Earl Jones. Or Keanu.

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5 minutes ago, phill1c said:

So, based solely on your gut, the Jets should abandon their Franchise QB? Please...It's clear to you, huh? In your mind, if someone is less than perfect, they can't grow. Well, that's just your misery coming out. People CAN and DO grow...on other teams.

You know why that doesn't happen here? Why players don't grow and yet perform excellently on other teams? Because the Jets don't develop players. If anyone should be able to succeed at QB for the Jets, it's Sam Darnold. Unlike Sanchez and Pennington, Darnold actually has the physical skills to succeed.

Yes, he's made some stupid mistakes. But take yourself back to being 22. Didn't you make mistakes that stem from a lack of maturity. He can learn from these because they are so ridiculous.

All these QB prospects have the same tools and shortcomings. it's up to the team to coach the deficiencies out of them. Not to abandon them in their second season, like, apparently, fans like you are so quick to do.

It's mind-boggling this fan base:

many don't even acknowledge that the kid makes stupid mistakes and the other half believes that if at first you don't succeed, F*ck it, give up...


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