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### Jets \ Redskins -- The Official Game Thread ###


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1 minute ago, phill1c said:

He's 22. So, growth possible.

And he has the arm and legs necessary to succeed. 

So, I'm willing to wait and see. I'm not going to get too frustrated with him.

I won't promise not to get frustrated opinions that don't acknowledge his shortcomings.

Agree with this. The good thing about Sam is that aside from the puzzling throw here and there he generally plays a good game. Not like Sanchez and Geno who would just look lost for stretches at a time. Still haven't lost any faith in his long term outlook.


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The interceptions like this are annoying. It's absolutely an idiotic throw. If the play involves a cluster of defenders throw it away. It's just a garbage decision. If he keeps doing that he needs to go. Has to learn. All I ever hear is that he studies and is great at the cerebral part. But if he can't cut this crap out that gets him on the hot seat in my mind. Get him an OL but that has to be a Darnold change. I like the guy but it has to get better. Improve the OL but if he doesn't make that better the rest of this year and next you have to look to move on at that point. 

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3 minutes ago, Villain The Foe said:

It is just as terrible IMO, especially when we we continue with the notion of how the QB is the most important position in the league. 

You dont trade a competent QB because you drafted a QB, especially when as a franchise it's been hard to find a competent QB. 

Even if Sam didnt look like sh*t, the fact that if he gets injured or kisses on dirty women you will need someone to come in and be able to play. 

New Orleans even understands that and they have arguably the best QB to ever play. 

Well it’s not as terrible to me because the bigger issue is that you don’t destroy the offense and OL before bringing in a rookie QB or even a FA QB like Bridgewater. Our team was ruined right before finding a QB or 2 with Darnold and Bridgewater. I’m not nearly as upset about losing Bridgewater as I am about the systematic destruction of the already bad roster that Big Mac inherited. This is like the 20th worst thing on my list haha. 

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1 minute ago, Jets723 said:

True but Sam is running for his life 90 percent of the time.

um, no.

On most of the turnovers, it's after the play has broken down and he is operating off-script. You can't blame an OL for mistakes made in this scenario.

The mindset in these circumstances is to be ABSOLULTELY SURE before throwing. and the back-foot, "I'm scared" INTs have to be eliminated.

But when it's the Redskins...it's all good!!

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