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### Jets \ Redskins -- The Official Game Thread ###


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7 minutes ago, fullblast said:
9 minutes ago, Anthony Jet said:
Question about the INT
In the middle of work. Catching glimpses 
Fox replay is terrible or non existent 
But from the quick glimpse I got was there an underneath receiver that pulled his arms down thinking the ball was intended deeper? Did I see that right? Could this have been the intended target?

Yes, you're seeing it correctly. Crowder actually whiffed on the ball. Still think Sam should have just chucked in into the ground, though.

Yea. Also a lil less disappointing knowing there was someone in vicinity of the throw that had a shot at the ball 

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1 minute ago, Losmeister said:

Sam has to eliminate to the sh*tTY plays that tilt the game..

If they occur 1/4 games...   its one thing...     but every other game? SOmetimes 3 games ina a row.

Elevate the FLOOR of his game nad he moves to the middle.

btw, how BAD was that defense??? omfg!

You're dreadful.

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7 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

You might want to change your username then if that’s how you feel.

it’s reflecting like an image in a puddle.

Cute. Remember that the next time YOU start complaining about him.

If you think you’ve been watching a smart young QB who performed well under pressure the last two years, i don’t know what to tell you.

If you think his footwork isn’t a problem, the most athletic thing you’ve done in your life is post on a message board.

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