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### Jets \ Redskins -- The Official Game Thread ###

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Seriously  Darnold is always going to make throws here and there that make you shake your head. It’s who he is But give him a decent OL and a legit weapon at receiver and he’ll make a h

on our way.....   I absolutely don’t regret going. Lots of fans here... having a blast!!!   Thats me in the Sell the team NAMATH jersey!

Griffin > Herndon   

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4 minutes ago, Jets723 said:

When did I ever say Sam is excused?  When did I ever say he was a finished product?  I’ve been very fair.  I said he has things he has to clean up. However it’s not as simple as “he just sucks. “. It’s not an excuse to say our oline is one of if not the worst in football.  Not blaming all his mistakes on th OL but it certainly makes it harder.  Also who knows how healthy he is. Mono, the toe, the thumb

Nothing really wrong here, except the usual excuses.

I just thought I’d return the butt fumble. 😜

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20 minutes ago, phill1c said:

If the Jets had the same personnel as Sanchez and Geno, the same fate would await Darnold.

Darnold's ok. He's not limited in the talent department. But two turnovers in one half is not acceptable and against a good defense would mean the Jets behind...

Please, if Sanchez or Geno made the bonehead throws Darnolds makes routinely, you'd have zero "faith in his long term outlook".

Two?  He returns kicks?

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16 minutes ago, Losmeister said:


for me, 1st most important step ..his bad games have to be just "meh" NOT tyre fires.

TODAY everyone wants to celebrate...   let's see what he brings when he faces a 0.500 team or better....



The Cowboys say hello.

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