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### Jets \ Redskins -- The Official Game Thread ###


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21 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

The Redskins defense says hello.

When a Josh Allen or Daniel Jones has a good day against a team like them, “they only look good against bad teams”. Sam does, it’s different. 

Such bs. He’s playing well against a horrible team. Stop the snark.

Maybe those QB’s would good too. I never said anything about any other QB’s performance. I’m talking about my QB’s performance as of right now. 

He’s killing it. I’m sure you’d piss yourself in excitement if Baker went into the half with 3 TD’s against ANY team.

Also, just because the Redskins are, overall, a bad team...doesn’t necessarily mean their defense is piss poor as the collective effort. They have a nice young DL and some corners. Sam just naturally does well agains zone coverage and I noted this before the game on page 1. He has done a fantastic job against zone since his first preseason game. Why don’t we look at Washington’s Defense. DeAron Payne, Josh Norman, Ryan Karregin, good DL depth, nice safety duo. They aren’t scrubs.

Darnold sucks to you no matter what he does. You can’t stand Darnold supporters and the way they express their perspective so you take it out on your favorite team’s potential franchise QB. 


Sam isn’t broken yet.

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