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Just now, Creepy Lurker said:

Replacing Winters made the biggest difference. It’s still bad but much better. Can’t wair to cut that bum. 

Strangely, he is more revered than our box safety.

Good on Darnold, took the sack vs. fumbling or throwing into coverage.

He may yet be something...

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I will disagree with you. I think if we had a crazy good OL, Bell would be better. he sits and waits until something opens up. Powell on the other hand run a down hill to where the gap is supposed to be open and gets through it. Powell actually reminds me a little bit of Martin

Powell is better than Bell.

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1 minute ago, Villain The Foe said:

Edoga. lol. 

I think the pressure came from both sides on that last sack.

Give the kid some slack, this is all about learning.

I give props to Sam for not turning it over.

The OL is marginally better, they aren't getting beat all to hell every drop back...just frequently..

Another stalled drive, but probably should have run first. and, after all, it is the freakin Jets.

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