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What do you want to see today from our Jets?


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So jokes aside for me it's Darnold not turning the ball over. At all. He's only done it for two games in a row once. I still have a modicum of hope but it's been fading fast. If he can't cut down the TO's then probabilistically speaking the Jets have to start considering moving on and I don't want that to be the case at all.

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5 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

For me it's simple...

1. Beat a team you're supposed to beat...and don't make it a nail biter.

2. Don't let THIS be the game Dewayne Haskins emerges.  Make him look like a rookie....regardless of how undermanned our Defense is.  This is on Gregg Williams.

3. Competent, balanced offense.  The Jets should be able to run the ball, they should be able to move the ball.  Darnold has to show command.


The Redskins are worse than the Giants.  Make them look that way.

Pretty much saw all of it. Solid win.

Jets have now won two in a row. Darnold has had two very good games back to back. Jamal Adams, believe it or not, is now in the conversation for Defensive Player of the Year in the NFL.

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2 hours ago, BklynJetsFan85 said:

so far, so good, i may have underestimated greg williams and these new corners. This defense is playing hungry.

I think you hit on something with the new cornerbacks.  Look, that was a very bad Redskins team, but the Jets have turned over players at cornerback and sat Hairston today. Bless Austin looks pretty good. Gregg Williams can truly take lemons and make lemonade on D. 

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