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Raiders Will Provide A Litmus Test

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three weeks ago I'd have predicted the Raiders absolutely smoke this Jets team 

but now, seeing the last 2 games of Jets football, and the Raiders 14-7 at home vs Cin, I predict it will be a good game

The Jets Oline looked way better with Tom Compton at RG and Harrison at C. Winters is lauded for his toughness but he's been holding this line back for seasons with his playing through injuries. meanwhile Sam found his swag and Jamal Adams is straight up changing games from the SS position.

as for Oakland they have to travel 3000 miles for a 1 pm east coast start in the cold/rain. Carr is super conservative with the football but also not a ton of offense. They love to run the ball but the Jets own the # 1 run D in football. The Jets have somehow found a man to man CB in Bless Austin. 

prediction it's going to be a close competitive game and the Raiders could be down early - the Jets lose on a Ficken miss FG or something dumb but not a blow out (and they could even win outright) 

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