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Jamal Adams = Defensive Player of the Year?

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On 11/18/2019 at 1:09 AM, Rhg1084 said:

I think he’s the clear favorite for DPOY this year. Who else is even in the running? TJ Watt Maybe?

If Adams wins DPOTY or has another All-Pro season, I wonder if Greg Williams will change statement that he said to Adams back in the offseason that "He's coached better players than Adams". Im assuming that he's talking about secondary guys. 

I dont think Williams ever coached a player that won DPOTY. I cant recall any Secondary player that I can say is far and away better than Adams that Williams coached. In terms of players overall, he did coach Aaron Donald, which that wouldnt be close. However, Adams would be in the conversation. 


Jamal's having another "impactful" season. 

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Hard for a player on a 2-5 win team to win this or any other league-wide award.

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10 hours ago, 1ManRaid said:

That's a pretty huge IF.

That's assuming he DOUBLES his current sacks per game rate down a 5-1 stretch just to be in the argument.  Do you realize most of the regular season is already over?

Yea it’s a big IF. He has 6 games left. Get a sack per game and you’re in the conversation. 

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