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Game Observations (WSH)

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6 hours ago, KRL said:


- Awful INT by Sam Darnold as he went through at least 3 progressions on the play
then still forced a throw into traffic.  It could've been a turning point in the game
but the defense held WSH to a FG.  I know its strange to start the breakdown of
Darnold's day with his only mistake (19/30, 293 yards, 4 TD) but the second half
of the season is all about his progression.  And proper decision making is critical
in taking the next step as a QB.  Other than that he displayed his "off script" 
ability and accuracy on the run as there were more rollouts in the game plan

I love your camp reports and weekly game reports but focusing solely on the interception is one of only a few times I have disagreed with your take. It is just so myopic. When did the only defining characteristic of a QB become interceptions?

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5 hours ago, KRL said:

Fair points and in my post I said it was strange to focus on
Darnold's INT to start my breakdown on him.  But the second
half of the season is all about his progression and I'm
training myself to be more critical of all aspects of Darnold's
play and not just his stats.  Stats can sometimes mask bad
traits which will come back to bite you when games are important

Seems to me its a fine line with Darnold. So many of his plays are making something out of nothing and being aggressive (especially mid-range which seems to be his "zone") and with aggressiveness comes bad decisions...he did throw it away a few times after..I just think we need to let him find his go/no go limits and he will be fine. 

Bell made an interesting comment that he saw Darnold become more of a man this week or something like that and really step up, and then with the Gase comments it seems that maybe Sam finally just said to Gase something like "look, I need to be able to roll out and throw on the run" and then we finally saw that Sunday.

One other interesting note is that Sam looked unstoppable in preseason, and he was playing with pretty much the same line as yesterday. Who would have thought that essentially the 2nd string OL would work SO much better as a group. Not that we shouldn't replace them all but Winters and Kalil had gigantic negative effects on this team this season.


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