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Quinnen Williams

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5 hours ago, DMan77 said:

I feel like there are two main camps here... He's either A) a disappointment, or  B) he just needs time to develop...

I mean can't it be both though? Can't both sides be right?

I'm disappointed he hasn't been an impact player from day 1. It's disappointing that half a season has gone by without him being a game changer.

But I also think he will develop just fine... I feel like it's not unheard of for a guy to take a season or two to get up to an NFL caliber level..

Again that's maybe disappointing, but I feel like writing him off completely as a bust is also premature.


There's a 3rd camp where I reside.

I'm neither disappointed or think he needs time to develop.

I never had any faith in him becoming an impact player in the first place.  I was disappointed in the fact that we drafted him but not disappointed in his play as it's what I expected.

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