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Quinnen Williams

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He hasn't lived up the hype. But I'll wait and see. Foley and Shep showed nothing and all of sudden are playing very well (especially Foley). If those guys can make a leap, than Quinnen can also make a leap. He's playing like a jag though and a leap is not guaranteed.

I was all about edge on draft day. But Jamal playing edge/blitzing the way he has, makes this pick not so bad. It's not a traditional lineup, but having 3 bigs up front like (Q, McLendon, and Foley) allows us to play a bit lighter in the second level which in turn makes us a potentially very fast defense. Poole and Adams can both tackle which gives us a lot of flexibility. 

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I knew this thread was coming.  Not much to complain about with the game.  Darnold and Adams both played really well, so I knew a Quinnen thread had to be coming.  Actually surprised it took this long

He was the third overall pick int he draft and he has done virtually nothing at all.  He is being beat out for playing time by udfa and 6th rounders.  It is a legit concern.  Severe disappointmen

At least we know Mac had a type 

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7 hours ago, phill1c said:

I think it also has to do with fit on the team. A pass rusher without inside presence wastes it because the defense would rarely be in obvious passing downs. That's why I would pick a DT vs. an OLB at that spot if I'm the GM. I advocate building from the inside out, building both lines first and foremost. Good DTs help stop the run and the pass by keeping offenses one-dimensional.

Now, if it's a choice between a OLB and a CB, well, that's another hard choice because I think you get better value from a pro-bowl CB than you do a OLB. But that's a tough choice. I'd probably take the CB because if I have a good DL and average LBs my defense would probably benefit greater from enhanced coverage.

I also feel that I can get pass rushing from scheme and blitz. I can do that if I have a great secondary even without an edge rusher. In general, I wouldn't take an edge rusher at #3 unless I had most of the other pieces already.

We desperately need an edge rusher tho and haven’t had one in 15 years

Only way for the jets to get an edge rusher is the draft


Trade QW for a first





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