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Darnold Has A “Warrior Mentality”


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- Joe Douglas. As he said recently. That’s very high praise for me. As I see Joe Douglas as the epitome of the football warrior mentality: gritty former college o-lineman, worked his way up the ranks in Baltimore, Philly and elsewhere prior, earned commendation throughout as a grinding, capable hard worker - ultimately becoming a highly respected NFL personnel man. My first impression of JD was he’s the real deal - and most everything since has supported that including things he says. Tho this upcoming off-season will be the first real test  

So yeah, I took note when JD bestowed “warrior mentality” on Sam. And to me that’s what’s excited me most about Darnold since I began learning about him: he’s also the real deal. Hungry. Hungry to compete, hungry to win. You can’t teach that. 

Also: I remember during the draft Darnold’s father said something like that - “this kid is only 20 years old, but he’s just solid.” Perhaps even higher praise, from what I’ve gathered comes from the hard working, solid father of a hard-working, solid wife and family in turn including Sam and his sister.

Darnold may not be the most physically gifted QB ever and obviously he must start NOW getting rid of the ball or if necessary take sacks rather commit reckless INTs and forced fumbles ... but his competitive personality and intangibles are special. 

Here’s hoping the Jets provide this young man the support necessary across the board, so he can realize his full Jets & NFL potential. 

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11 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

He takes some well deserved heat at times for brain lock plays but right now as a 22 year old 2nd year player on a team with an awful oline and no #1 wr he is better than the two guys we are seeing on the night game.  Two win now teams and both goff and trubisky look really bad.

Yeah looks like Trubisky, unbelievably, might have just lost his job.  Goff is overrated.  I’ll take Darnold any day of the week over either 

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