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Cimini: Darnold Meeting With Gase got Offense on Right Track

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5 minutes ago, THE BARON said:

Fixing is needed but NOT to make Darnold a drop-back and pass from the pocket guy like Payton Manning.  That is not good for Darnold.  What Douglas needs to do is get athletic offensive lineman that can play in a dynamic man blocking scheme with a lot of lateral movement of the entire pocket.  Anything else would be pi$$ing up a rope unless they trade darnold and draft a statue like P. Manning or T. Brady.  

The thing is is that Darnold can do BOTH.  And that’s what is going to make him so dangerous.

There is footage of him throwing an out route against Denver last year with Darnold dropping straight back and being able to plant, step and fire.  There was no room for error because the corner was right on his receiver, thing was a cannon shot, he got it in there.Brian Baldinger called it a “big boy throw”.

It’s so rare that he ever has time to drop straight back and be able to get his feet set under him to really step into a throw, it makes fans complain about his footwork, but most of that is because he’s running for his life.

Just get quality OL in here.  Darnold will handle the rest.


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3 hours ago, THE BARON said:

agree darnold can do more than improvise and play schoolyard bal, but when you have a QB that can do both, it is an advantage to gear up to keep all options open.  It gives you flexibility to attack different defenses in different ways as needed.  It is "Dan Henning 101".  Look at what he did with Joe T. and the hogs with the Redskins and then see how he got Vinny T to play when he came to the Jets.  Same OC with different QB's running a very different offense for each respective QB. Either expand the offense or limit it to what the QB does best.  It looked like Gase still thought P. Mannig was is QB.  With Darnold you want the full package.  You really cant have that without lineman that can play in a man scheme.  Same deal with the running style of Bell.  You want athletic guards like DeCastro and Fancea that can get out and pull

Exactly, Darnold presents so many more threats to a Defense than most of the other QBs in the league it is foolish not to take advantage of all those attributes.

I don't know exactly what to think of Gase right now.  Disgusted how he appears to have wanted to put square plugs in round holes like the majority of Jet coaches over long periods of time...throughout the entire first half of this year, having Darnold take straight drop backs, if he gets clocked by 3 guys simultaneously.."oh well", but now they've scored for 4 consecutive games on their 1st possession which leads you to believe that Gase can put a scheme together based on the opposition D.  Prior to that they had gone 30 consecutive games without scoring a TD on the 1st possession haha...again what "coaching"...Jeez.

My best hope is that Gase pretty much just gets out of the way and lets Darnold's talent dictate the flow of every game.

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1 hour ago, RevisIsland610 said:

Gase is a nitwit. It's pretty sad that we have to wish that he just gets out of the way. Maybe he can just sit on the bench by himself the whole game from now on. 

The 4 consecutive scripted opening TD drives should give more Hope than say if Bowles were still coach.  

I really think that Darnold’s talent will take over everything once he gets more help on the OL and more time, and Gase will realize that it’s in his own best interest to leave Darnold alone.  This is why I worried about Darnold dragging Maccagnan along for 10 years. Very lucky that never materialized and as luck would have it, Gase always carries his shiv.

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